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electrical safety certificateWe are one of the best electrical safety certificate provider, we can produce Landlord’s electrical Safety certificate. Simply call us for Electrical Safety Certificates. By law you should have a full electrical inspection carried out every three to five years dependent on previous inspection advise. This examination investigates the state of the electrical wiring throughout the property and thoroughly checks the safety of the electrical installation.


Once this is done our electrician will issue you with a ‘Periodic Inspection Report for an Electrical Installation’ onsite at the end of the examination, which declares the electrical installation as safe.



Electrical safety certificate




At the beginning of each new tenancy, you should ensure that electrical installations – like fixed wiring – are safe and well maintained. Any electrical appliances you supply to tenants – like cookers and kettles – should be safe for them to use.


You should carry out regular inspections of fixed electrical installations – like sockets and light fittings – every five years. You should also arrange, at least once a year, for a qualified electrician to carry out a portable appliance testing (PAT) safety test on any portable electrical equipment you provide for tenants, like kettles. The PAT tester will give you a dated certificate and put stickers on the plugs of appliances to show that they are safe.


Landlord Guide


It is important to ensure that all electrical appliances and fittings within the property are safe and in good working order. Unlike gas regulations, there is no law that says you must have a landlord electrical safety certificate. But, should any electrical fittings or appliances within your rental property cause harm to a tenant you could be held liable.


Manage your property well and the risks to you as landlord or agent are minimal, but manage it badly and your risks are high.


You are advised to make visual inspections yourself as landlord or agent in residential properties (record on a safety checklist) and have periodic checks carried out by a qualified electrician.


Ideally, ensure that the electrical system complies with the latest wiring regulations.


Make sure a circuit breaker (RCD) is fitted to power circuits.


Keep supplied appliances to a minimum.


Make sure appliances supplied are complete and in working order – keep purchase receipts.


Pay particular attention to second hand equipment – always have these items checked.


Ensure that operating instructions and safety warning notices are supplied with the appliances.


Ensure that flexes are in good order and properly attached to appliances and plugs.


Ensure that earth tags are in place.


Ensure that plugs are of an approved type with sleeved live and neutral pins.


Ensure that plugs and sockets conform to BS1363 or BS1363/A for heavy duty uses.


Ensure that all fuses are of the correct type and rating.


Make sure that tenants know the location of and have access to the main consumer unit, fuses and isolator switch.


Make a note of all fuse ratings on the inventory.


If you are in any doubt about the wiring or the safety of any appliances consult a qualified electrician.


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Electrical Safety Certificate | UK Landlords Electrical Safety Certificates


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